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Chicago Internet Exchange


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  • Short Name: ChIX
  • ASN: 33713
  • Route servers: yes
    • rs0: CentOS bird 1.4.5
    • rs1: Gentoo bird 1.6.3
  • AS112: yes
  • Private VLANs: yes
  • SLA: 100%
  • Realtime blackholing: yes


Current: Connect via: Coming Soon:

Fee Schedule

  • 1G $500
  • 10G $500
  • 40G $1500
  • 100G $4000
  • 1G $500
  • 10G $500
  • 40G $1500
  • 100G $4000

New Customer Special

Join now and take advantage of our current special, no MRC until your usage exceeds 10% of your port speed on 1G and 10G ports!

Community Ports

To further our mission of promoting local traffic exchange and enhanced peering, United IX now offers a free 1G peering port in select locations and formats. These ports have a one time $250 fee for installation, which is waived for registered non-profits and educational institutions. Currently available at our ch1 location (350 Cermak - MMR) or our ch3 (427 LaSalle - MMR) in copper (1000-T).

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