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We were formed to provide high-performance, next-generation interconnection services to our customers.

We are driven to create the most efficient and resilient interconnection platforms, utilizing the most advanced technologies, and grounded in our core values of neutrality and transparency

We are the only network neutral and data center neutral peering fabric in Chicago.

We are here to provide interconnection, we never compete with our member networks to sell services.

Next Generation Interconnection

United IX is built using technology originally developed for high performance trading networks. Fully automated and redundant, it's capable of agile changes to meet any needs.

We Offer

  • European model Internet exchange
  • Fully-automated private VLANs between customers
  • Private VLANs for selling services
  • Advanced blackholing and DDOS Mitigation


We never compete with our member networks to sell services. United only collects port fees from members who gain value from our services. Our fees are designed to recoup our expenses and ensure that we can continue to provide a carrier grade, shared resource, layer 2 connection fabric for the region. We enable service providers and data centers.