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Services for Providers

Would you like to have a state of the art IXP in your data center or carrier facility?

We offer two solutions, chose either reselling a port to your customers or having us install and manage a full PoP at your location.


Use and manage your own switch connected to our fabric with individual VLANs for your customers. There is a per customer setup fee and no additional monthly fees.

Fully Managed

We can install and operate a node for you. If you are in the Chicago area, take advantage of our established traffic base to bring enhanced connectivity options to your location. If not, we can start a new exchange to promote local peering in your area.

You provide

  • at least 1/4 rack (12RU), preferably a whole rack. Must be locking or in controlled access space. MMR space ideal but not required.
  • A+B power, 20A circuits and appropriate PDUs, preferably managed
  • 1 pair (2 strands) dark fiber to an existing United IX pop
  • optional 2nd pair to a diverse United IX pop
  • any needed XCs to reach this dark fiber
  • 1 OOB management circuit with 1 usable IP address, IPv6 if available

We provide

  • all installation and configuration labor and testing
  • location and link on our portal
  • ongoing management and maintenance of all equipment
  • bandwidth and equipment upgrades as needed to maintain the operation of the IXP node
  • peering port for your organization's use

We install on site

  • switch(es)
  • DWDM equipment as needed
  • Out of band management and monitoring system
  • all hardware and equipment needed to rack and connect this equipment

Contact us for more information, including cost and revenue sharing options.