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Internet Exchange Fabric Services

See the many ways to leverage your United IX port. Contact us for details on any of these services.

Public Internet Exchange

Our public Internet Exchange allows networks to directly connect to each other over a shared fabric. We offer secure route servers to facilitate multilateral peering.


United IX offers Internet transit options to suit your business needs.

Direct Adjacency BGP

The preferred way via our fabric is private layer 2 VLANs directly connecting you to the provider(s) of your choice, we call this Direct Adjancy BGP.

Blended BGP

The classic method of blending together Internet transit is by putting an AS and a router between the customer and the internet.

Private VLAN

Privately connect to any other customer, even if they're not in the same data center. If you have ports in 2 different data centers, you may also use these to pass traffic between between them.

Cloud Exchange

Easily connect directly to cloud service providers.